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Lalaland Funtertainment, Inc. (Fisher Box Office) is fully committed to ensuring the integrity, protection, and security of any personal information that is provided by our valued clients, consistent with the Data Privacy Act of the Philippines (Republic Act No. 10173). This Privacy Policy shall serve as a guide for clients to understand the efforts being undertaken by Fisher Box Office to keep their data safe, as it lays out the types of information we collect, the opportunities/methods through which we gather data, the ways the company makes use of the data, and the systems and processes we have in place to keep our clients’ information confidential.


By providing their Personal Information or by purchasing/availing of Fisher Box Office’s products and services, clients confirm their agreement to the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy. Our clients’ rights under this Privacy Policy will be upheld when invoked by their lawful heirs or assigns.

What Information is Collected by Fisher Box Office?

As part of Fisher Box Office transactions, we may collect personal information from our valued clients, including but not limited to:
1.Full Name
2. Gender
3. Birthdate
4. Home and/or Billing Address
5. Contact Number (Landline and/or Mobile)
6. E-mail Address
7. Credit Card Information
8. Proof of Identity / Identification Card Details
9. Data in relation to the Use of Fisher Box Office’s Digital Platforms, such as Web Browsing Behavior, which may be acquired through Website Analytics Tools/Cookies; and
10. Social Media Account/s, and Social Media Behavior (e.g. tagging, mentioning, photographs geo-tagging/tagging Fisher Mall and/or Fisher Box Office)

When/Where is this Information Collected?

Fisher Box Office may collect the above data whenever clients purchase our products/services, or join promotions, activities, and events, via our website and/or social media pages.

It is noted that, in order to make purchases through the Fisher Box Office website, clients must complete registration for a Fisher Box Office account, using a valid e-mail address, and providing a login password. Authentication of clients’ e-mail address, which will also serve as their login ID/username, is a requirement for clients to use their Fisher Box Office account for different transactions. While password data is encrypted, we still recommend that clients change their passwords periodically to prevent others from guessing them and getting access to their accounts.

Fisher Box Office may also acquire data through client interactions with our store/ticketing personnel via phone, e-mail, official social media accounts, and/or face-to-face meetings, as well as upon submission of Senior Citizen/PWD IDs and valid government-issued or school/company IDs to avail of customer discounts/promos, or as proof of identity/for verification purposes.

How is this Information Used?

Fisher Box Office uses clients’ information in order to, among others:

1. Verify customers’ compliance with MTRCB Ratings (GP, PG, R-13, and R-18)
2. Apply discounts/promos for Senior Citizens, Persons with Disability, and other eligible customers
3. Properly respond to customers’ inquiries, requests, complaints, and other correspondences (Rest assured customers’ information will not be released to other customers, without the former’s consent.)
4. Enable electronic fund transfer through credit card transactions and related services; and
5. Promote/market/offer Fisher Box Office’s products, services, events, and promos (Only Customers who have given their consent may be included in Fisher Box Office’s e-mail/SMS mailing lists/subscriptions. An option to unsubscribe from the said mailing lists/subscriptions may be provided.)

Who will Use/have Access to this Information?

Fisher Box Office authorized employees and officers, and the company’s Data Privacy Officer, as mandated by the Data Privacy Act of 2012, will be allowed to access and use clients’ information. Employees/officers’ access will be limited according to their position and/or role/s in the company.

In addition, Fisher Box Office may require the services of third party service providers to conduct certain technical services (e.g. information technology and accounting). For these specific activities/purposes or to process certain client transactions with us, these companies/consultants may also be given access to clients’ information. While Fisher Box Office will have separate Data Sharing Agreement/s with these third parties covering the use of the confidential information, it should be noted that these third parties also have their own privacy policies. These third parties will not be given clients’ information without the latter’s permission. Clients are encouraged to read and evaluate these third parties’ privacy policies before availing of their services. Clients are also reminded that the Fisher Box Office website and social media accounts contain links to other websites/social media sites. Fisher Box Office is not responsible for the privacy policies/practices or the content of the said sites.

Can Fisher Box Office Sell/Share this Information?

Fisher Box Office does not sell any information provided by our valued clients to third parties, and only shares specific information that would allow us to provide our products and services to our clients.

How will Fisher Box Office Secure Clients’ Information?

All personal data collated by Fisher Box Office is either stored in an assigned Storage Room, which is secured and may only be accessed by authorized personnel, for paper-based/printed formats, or at the Company’s Server Room, which is only accessible by personnel with valid specially-issued log-in credentials, for those in digital format.

Fisher Box Office makes use of industry-standard Data Security, Privacy and Confidentiality measures to protect digital transmissions/data collection, and conducts Privacy Impact Assessment for all activities, projects, and systems involving the processing of clients’ personal data. To accomplish the said Assessment, Fisher Box Office may hire the services of the third party.

Moreover, Fisher Box Office personnel undergo relevant training on Data Privacy and Security as often as necessary to remain updated on local and international trends for data processing.

Finally, Fisher Box Office has an appointed Data Protection Officer who shall manage/monitor all of the company’s efforts for the protection of personal data.

How long will Fisher Box Office Retain/Keep Clients’ Information?

Fisher Box Office shall retain the gathered data as long as it is required by law, and/or as long as the data may still be considered relevant for any justifiable business engagements, whichever shall come later.